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About Aspect USA

Aspect USA is Cincinnati's fastest growing Talent Agency. Since our launch in 2018, we’ve been discovering new artists, nurturing their creativity and helping them to achieve sustainable success. We work with diverse artists across the musical spectrum, providing a one-stop-shop for live music bookings and event planning. For more information, please get in touch with us.

DJ Spinning

Artist Spotlight


 GoodTime On The Beat


GoodTime has been revolutionizing the electronic music game for over 10 years. Though he prefers the darker side of the spectrum, there's no genre he can't master.


Vocal Artist/Vocal Engineer

Grilla is making his mark on the music industry with his very own adaptation of "mainstream bangers" mixed with crafted lyricism, and audacious energy.


Young Haze

Recording Artist

Young Haze is renowned for his relatable catalog of music that touches the emotional side of hip-hop.

Micah Queen


Micah is a professional photographer specializing in event and branding shoots. He captures every memorable moment in high definition.


Straps The Uno

Recording Artist

For Straps The Uno, unique and high energy hits are a forte. His catered take on today's rap game is undoubtedly making waves.



Inspired by disrupting the boundaries of genre creation, melofant seeks to fuse elements of bass music, hip-hop, and rock into one. With an artist like melofant, seeing is believing.


Our Expert Services

Doing Live, the Right Way

Event Coordination

At Aspect USA, we take pride in the exceptional and personalized service we provide at our events. Our concern for making sure everything is taken care of is why we are such a reputable agency.

Concert Crowd

Artist Management

Our impressive connections with the entertainment industry help give our rising stars the support they need to boost their career. We are determined to keep our artists free to concentrate on making music.


Live Entertainment

Aspect USA helps book the best acts at the best venues, connecting fans, your venue, and our musical performers.

Event DJ



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